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Dozens of fans from near and far gathered at Vancouver RV Park on Saturday to watch Vancouver Whitecaps FC's first game against Seattle Sounders FC. The participants were greeted and then treated to a pre-match ceremony with the head coach and the team's general manager. Other amenities at the Vancouver RV Park included a bar, barbecues, food trucks and a beer garden, as well as live music.

Students in the program are part of the Camas College Honor Ensemble for High School Students. Major clubs include the award-winning Mock Trial Team, the Science Olympics, where Camas was a national candidate, and the Knowledge Bowl, for which he applied as an all-state candidate. CHS also offers advanced courses in the form of a Running Start, which provides money and student loans to students after graduation.

If you're a golfer who loves variety, visit the Camas Orchards Golf Course, a golf course in the heart of the city, or visit the University of Washington golf courses.

Vancouver RV Park (@ is located 17 miles west and northwest of Camas on convenient Interstates 5 and 205. This park is a great place to explore the scenic Columbia River Gorge, which stretches about 80 miles east of the river. The microclimate in the Camas region is little different from the rest of the region, but cold air flows from Canada to eastern Washington in winter. In winter, the cold sweeps across the Columbia River Gorge and sweeps into the city.

Skiers and snowboarders can stay at Mt. Hood Meadows in summer, while in winter you can go snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.

There is a camper pitch available for camping on Mt. Hood Meadows in summer and winter, as well as a campground and RV park.

This part of Camas is very rural and is the fourth high school to be built in the Evergreen School District. First there is Ever Green High School, second there is Mountain View High School, third there is the Heritage High School and fourth school is Cama High Schools, which is comparatively small and built on a small lot on the east side of Mt. Hood.

The southern bank of the river is under the Interstate 5 bridge that connects Washington and Oregon. It is reserved exclusively for RVers and is located 13 miles northwest of Camas in neighboring Vancouver, Washington. Camas is a town of about 19,400 people located on the east side of Mt. Hood, south of Portland, Oregon, and north of Seattle.

Camas High School also operates several plays, including student productions and a theater program. Camas Eagles High School's football team, the largest in Washington state, estimates that nearly 500 students participate in its football program, which is a mix of junior, senior, sophomore, junior and high school students.

In Season 2, football is considered a low-to-moderate risk sport, and competition begins when the game is considered a high-risk game. Season 2 was considered a low-to-moderate-risk sport, but the competition began when high-risk players were considered, the NCAA said.

The second season, which includes Boys Wrestling and Boys Swimming, was originally scheduled to begin on December 28. The third season, which consists of traditional autumn sports, is now scheduled for 15-8 March for football, 12-14 March for wrestling and 17-18 March for swimming and diving for boys. The WIAA also announced that all indoor activities for the winter season will be suspended effective November 17, according to a news release from the Washington State Association of State High School Athletic Associations (WSAHSAA). Season 4, which includes the traditional spring sport, begins on 26 April, ends on 1 May, ends on 12 June and begins on 10 March with men's and women's basketball and spring football.

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) has announced that the start of the winter sports season has been postponed to February 1, with the three remaining seasons shortened by seven weeks. Registration for the 2017-18 Washington State High School Athletics Association season is now open online. Memorial donations can be made in honor of Bill at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or at any WSAHSAA office.

The program ended its 2014 campaign as Washington State's No. Titan Wrestling took the team title at the prestigious Pacific Coast Championships in 2011 and won the state trophies in 2012 and 2013, finishing 4th and 3rd. The all-male ensemble won the state's solo artist competition in 2013 and 2014, making Camas the first high school in the entire state of Washington to win two championships. There are a number of achievements that Camas High School's sports program can be proud of.

Over the years, the student union has had the highest number of athletes in Washington state and the second highest number in Washington state.

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More About Camas