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Nestled in a small alley with a lawn full of flamingos and a tree covered in lights and star arcs, a Christmas light bulb nestles among the trees, with numerous lights falling from the roof of the courtyard. The lights react in numerous creative ways and show their unique and innovative sequence to match the music. This piece of land was captured in the form of a series of lights, each with its own unique sound landscape and sound effects.

Just a few steps from Ormson's home is Adam Nelson, who created and programmed this special light experience in Vancouver. He works for the local American Senior Radio Network, owned and operated by local radio station Gerald Gaule. The station focuses mainly on old country music from the 1950s and later, offering a mix of classic country, country rock, blues and country pop, "he said. Focusing on older, classical country artists allows the station to penetrate deep into the country - a genre of music, Gauling says, that even other classical country stations don't often do.

Many older listeners miss the music they've heard in adulthood, and there's a need for more of it, especially in the country music world, he says.

Stepanyuk says that the FCC has recognized many LPFM stations through legislation in Congress and the Obama administration, but he also wants to work to loosen regulations for LP FM stations that would allow them to use higher transmission rates - and to lift restrictions that limit where and what types of structures they can place their antennas. In the future, I would appeal to Senator Maria Cantwell [of Washington] to work on legislation to protect LPFMs that would put them in a better position in the FCC's eyes than larger broadcasters, "he said. You can also visit the show on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media sites.

The house is full of show-stoppers - or at least car-stoppers - who will certainly raise a smile. Think of a walk or a fun spin and being part of one of the many events at the Washington State Fair this year. Ballots for the state fair and a variety of other events and events throughout the city are available.

The house has been a Christmas treat for 29 years and is permeated by light and festive energy. Christmas on Franklin Street features over 30,000 lights spread across seven themed objects. The area is known for a variety of activities, including an annual holiday decoration competition, where you can vote for your favorite creative holiday display.

If you are interested in all kinds of Christmas decorations and lights, you can try the peppers at home. Most homes are creatively decorated and elaborate enough to inspire slow driving in circles to enjoy the lights and decorations. Imagine sitting comfortably in your own car and programming light and music so that they work together harmoniously.

Gaule said part of his program included a mix of local and national music, as well as local music from around the country. He said that the FCC has sidelined powerful corporate radio stations at the expense of local LPFM stations: "For example, the station from which we have to switch frequencies is a local radio station in the Washington D.C. area," he said.

Stepanyuk said the station faces stiff competition from a Slavic radio audience and cannot compete with larger stations in Oregon. He said changes must be made if low-power FM (LPFM) stations are to remain on air. They began to lose their sponsors and backers, he said, and now, he says, they operate with little power and more restrictions on them that limit their reach and influence.

Despite the challenges facing the station, Stepanyuk and Gaule expressed their commitment to their work and their craft. At the heart of the operation, they said they were committed to community radio and that focusing on classical country music was a unique way to do this. Looking at the options for staying on air, he said country music seemed like a possible way to redirect the radio station.

Outlaw Country 102.5 FM, however, continues to face challenges in staying on air and competing with other radio stations. Stepanyuk said that the station is being pushed out of the bandwidth by the more powerful KYTE-FM, which forces it to work with a signal that is not so clearly broadcast. It is hoped that in the future, the station will be better located, as the current station offers only spotty and unclear reception. However, he expressed concern that they could be forgotten if they had to leave their original channel.

The station, which is operated as a non-profit organisation, is intended to be a community post and serve the local community. The radio station began broadcasting in the late 1990s as part of its mission statement for the Slavic community in the region. There are country and gospel sessions, with an emphasis on country - and banning artists such as country singer Billie Holiday and country music icon Bob Dylan.

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